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Immediate Search cover Final book of The Great Devastation trilogy:
Immediate Search

After Layla, her father and her new friends have found the hidden city of Mountain Veil and Layla's Uncle Pierce, she receives a message from her friend, Kenrick, regarding her mother. Layla and her father must begin an immediate search for her mother, even if it takes them back across the world again. Although they become separated, they both do everything they can in the strange community they discover in a canyon to fight against the odds - and the odd people - to reunite their family. Order your copy today to find out how the story ends.


Hope Continually front coverSomething is going on in that church. Expensive cars in the parking lot, known addicts running from the building, and everyone who comes out is unusually happy. Officer Ted Shotgun is going to find out exactly what is happening in the church in this bad neighborhood so he can shut down that operation.

"Hope Continually", my 10th novel is now ready to order.


Hidden City front cover

Layla, her father and her new friends come across an underground military shelter, the discovery of another civilization after the Great Devastation, people who do not know there are others living across the country and across the ocean. "The Hidden City," Book 2 in the Great Devastation trilogy, is now complete. Follow them as they make even more discoveries about the changing world around them. Order your copy today.


So How is that a bully? coverHow to Get Fat without Even TryingMy useful and helpful book, the only book of its kind, the non-fiction book and easy-to-use manual, "How to Get Fat without Even Trying," was published in July 2012. It has been a big seller in the United Kingdom!

Are bullies just for kids? Have you ever heard of a grown-up bully? What about a bully at work? My recently completed novel, "So How Is THAT a Bully?" considers workplace bullying. It is now available to order.What Really Happened in Mexico


From the summer of 1975, true journal blog: What Really Happened in Mexico. I published one journal entry per day, starting January 1, 2012. The names have been replaced to protect the innocent - and the guilty! Softcover version now available.

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